This article is about the sleepy man animation. For other uses, see Window.

Still shot from the animation
Directed by W. Scott Pattullo
Written by W. Scott Pattullo
Animated by W. Scott Pattullo
Release date 2005
Run time 21 seconds

Window is an animated clip W. Scott Pattullo did in 2005 and runs for 21 seconds.


The sleepy male character stumbles across the bedroom and yawns before opening the window. As it's open, he leans out to breathe in the fresh air. The window then slams down on his neck.



The animation was done as a class assignment at the Academy of Art University in 2005. The assignment was to have a character walk to a window and open it. The assignment lasted several weeks during the semester, beginning with the development of the character.

The animation never made it past the "pencil test" stage of production. It can currently be seen on Scott's website.

In 2009, Scott revisited this animation, coloring and completing it to submit to a contest Nickelodeon was holding. That completed animation is titled Good Morning.


The animation was completely hand-drawn and DigiCel FlipBook was used to animate it.

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