Wedding of Steve and Katie
The wedding invitation
Date 2009
Location Unnamed wedding venue, Missouri
Participants - Big Bad Bowen
- Hair Girl
- Scotty P
- Wedding guests

The Wedding of Steve and Katie is a fictional event created by W. Scott Pattullo that occurs in his Missouri Avengers short film. It is when Big Bad Bowen (Steve) married Hair Girl (Katie).


In 2009, Steve finally got a date with someone he met online. He was so excited that he had to blow off some energy and fight crime before the date. With the help of his sidekick, Scotty P, Steve was planning to prevent Dr. Villainous from robbing a jewelry store.

Before the fight, Hair Girl arrived on the scene, intending to do the same thing. So Big Bad Bowen and Hair Girl fought side-by-side in order to stop Dr. Villainous and his goons. Afterward, they parted ways.

Later that night, the girl Steve was dating turned out to be Hair Girl. And soon after, they decided to get married.

The weddingEdit

At an unnamed wedding venue in Missouri, the marriage of Steve and Katie occurred. Scotty P attended via a streaming service. Other unnamed wedding guests were also there.

After the actual ceremony, Steve, Katie and Scotty P all discussed forming a superhero team, eventually calling themselves the Missouri Avengers.


The Missouri Avengers superhero team then existed to help fight crime.



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