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The Star Wars...007 Style is a series of Star Wars fanfiction stories written by W. Scott Pattullo.


The series of stories is based on an intelligence and anti-terrorist agency called the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, or "MI5" for short. MI5 is made up of operatives (similar to secret agents like James Bond) who help keep peace within the Star Wars galaxy.

It is a Canon-&-Legends-friendly fanfiction series, which means it follows the actual events in the Star Wars universe and doesn't alter them.


The series began as text-based role-playing games in TheForce.net's Role-Playing Forum. The games ran from February 22, 2005 to December 31, 2011, with a brief hiatus in 2010.

Scott began writing the fanfiction himself to continue the series in 2012 and posted it on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. He has written full-length stories as well as a series of short stories (titled MI5 Chronicles) that ties into the main series.

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The Stories[]

Story In-universe year Series Date published
Bloodline 3000 BBY MI5 Chronicles May 10, 2018
A Force-Sensitive on Naboo 65 BBY MI5 Chronicles April 13, 2013
503 58 BBY MI5 Chronicles December 9, 2020
Taproot Uproot 47 BBY MI5 Chronicles April 25, 2013
Escape from the Dragon's Jaws 47 BBY MI5 Chronicles February 2, 2012
Here We Are, Juggernaut 44 BBY MI5 Chronicles May 22, 2013
From Ryloth With Love 42 BBY Star Wars...007 Style February 22, 2005
On Her Majesty's Security Service 42 BBY Star Wars...007 Style May 25, 2005
CarbonEye 42 BBY Star Wars...007 Style September 23, 2005
Dr. Noah 42 BBY Star Wars...007 Style June 23, 2006
Starport 42 BBY MI5 Chronicles March 5, 2012
A Few Kinks 41 BBY MI5 Chronicles March 15, 2012
Arrowhead 41 BBY MI5 Chronicles July 14, 2013
Casino Royale 39 BBY Star Wars...007 Style October 22, 2007
Perils of Hoth 38 BBY MI5 Chronicles July 21, 2013
Muunraker 38 BBY Star Wars...007 Style February 21, 2013
Buck Stops Here 38 BBY MI5 Chronicles August 29, 2013
The Limmie Daylights 37 BBY Star Wars...007 Style April 9, 2014
Oldest Friend 37 BBY MI5 Chronicles August 31, 2014
For Your Photoreceptors Only 34 BBY Star Wars...007 Style July 27, 2017
You've Got Spirit, Kid 33 BBY MI5 Chronicles September 25, 2018
Fondorball 32 BBY Star Wars...007 Style June 22, 2020
Licence To Clone 22 BBY Star Wars...007 Style January 1, 2011

The Main Characters[]

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