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Shasta Moonreaper
Appears in Star Wars...007 Style series
First appearance CarbonEye
Gender Female
Species Human
Year created 2005

Shasta Moonreaper is a fictional character created by W. Scott Pattullo that appears in his Star Wars fanfiction series Star Wars...007 Style. She is a Human female assassin who later joined MI5 as one of the agency's best marksmen. She is also Kayla Moonreaper's biological mother.

Short Biography[]

During her assassin days, she helped take down a young droid maker. She also unexpectedly got pregnant and later allowed her closest friend Valeria Kennt to adopt the baby (Kayla).

A chance encounter with an enemy in 42 BBY persuaded Shasta to join MI5. She was later part of the team that killed CarbonEye and hunted down Dr. Noah. Soon after, she prevented a theft aboard a passenger vessel, and the following year was part of the mission to defeat Jordo Drax and his plans to destroy the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The next year, she was involved with the investigation of the murders surrounding the sport of limmie. Three years after that, she was involved in recapturing prison escapees. Soon after, she helped put an end to the criminal organization SMERSH.

During the Clone Wars, she helped destroy Finn Killifer's illegal cloning operation.

Behind the scenes[]

Shasta Moonreaper was meant to be sort of a female action hero.


Star Wars Fanon Wiki[]

The Star Wars...007 Style fanfiction series is posted much more in-depth on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. For more details regarding Shasta Moonreaper, see the main article over on that wiki: Shasta Moonreaper

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