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Scotty P
First appearance Missouri Avengers
Created by W. Scott Pattullo
Voiced by W. Scott Pattullo
Date of Birth 1980's
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Missouri Avengers
Family - Big Bad Bowen (best friend)
- Hair Girl (best friend)

Scotty P is a fictional character created by W. Scott Pattullo that appears in his Missouri Avengers short film. He started out as Big Bad Bowen's sidekick but later became part of the Missouri Avengers team.


Before the team[]

Scotty P lived in California and was Big Bad Bowen's sidekick, feeding him information about where to find criminals to thwart. He used GPS to do it.

One day in 2009, Scotty P gave Big Bad Bowen the location of Dr. Villainous in St. Louis, allowing Big Bad Bowen to stop him from robbing a jewelry store.

Not long after, Scotty P attended the wedding of Big Bad Bowen and Hair Girl via a streaming service. So he wasn't physically there, but he was watching through webcams. He also witnessed the formal formation of the superhero team Missouri Avengers.

Behind the scenes[]

Scotty P is based on W. Scott Pattullo himself.