Poster Parody: Die Another Day
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date February 2015
Media Ink on paper, digital work
Series Gargified posters

Poster Parody: Die Another Day is fan art W. Scott Pattullo did in 2015. It is one of Scott's Gargified posters.


Scott completed the piece on February 26, 2015 and uploaded it to his DeviantART page the same day. It was done as an entry in a contest on DeviantART.

Subject and titleEdit

This is one of two separate entries in the "Parody Posters" contest at the Disney-Club at DeviantART. The purpose of the contest was to create a parody of an existing movie poster with Disney characters. Following is the description Scott listed on the artwork's DeviantART page:

The idea is to take a non-Disney movie poster and turn it into a Disney poster with Disney characters. For this one, I combined two of my favorite things: James Bond and Gargoyles!

The Bond film title "Die Another Day" fit the Gargoyles characters MacBeth and Demona perfectly, since they are immortal (magically linked to each other by the Weird Sisters) where they can only die if one kills the other. I've included the Sisters in the poster, along with King Arthur and Griff (MacBeth's allies), Goliath (the main Gargoyles character) and the Archmage (who manipulated the Weird Sisters into bringing MacBeth and Demona to him).

I guess I should explain the credits at the bottom. EON Productions makes the Bond films. John Rhys-Davies, Marina Sirtis, Kath Soucie, and Keith David all provided voices for these characters in Gargoyles. Michael Reaves and Carl Johnson were the actual writer and composer for the series, and Greg Weisman created Gargoyles. Then, of course, I had to list myself as the animator.

I spent a few hours on this thing, drawing each part separately and putting everything together digitally. I had a lot of fun doing it, too.


Scott started out with pencil drawings, then inked the final line work. He then scanned the drawings to work on them digitally.

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