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Welcome to the Drawings Portal. Information regarding W. Scott Pattullo's drawings, both traditional and digital, can be found here.

A drawing refers to marks on a flat 2-dimensional surface created with some sort of instrument, such as a pencil. When drawing traditionally, Scott draws with pencils, charcoal or ink on a paper, canvas, or some similar surface. He also draws digitally using a Wacom tablet.

Selected image[]

Guitar Practice

Guitar Practice is a pencil drawing Scott did in 2019. It's a portrait of his father Will Pattullo. The drawing is done entirely with a graphite pencil on a 9"x12" piece of paper. Scott also posted it to his DeviantArt and Facebook pages.

Drawing with different media[]

These are some examples of drawings created with different media or combining them.

Mixed media (traditional):
Mixed media (traditional/digital):

Lists of drawings[]

Below are the lists of artwork that include drawings.


Image Title Year Size
Spider-Man and Mary Jane pencil sketches 2013
Hair Color 2014 11"x14"
Conduit 2014 11"x14"
The 29th 2016
Take On Me 2016
Guitar Practice 2019 9"x12"
Lumberjack sketch 2021 8.5"x11"
December 2021 sketch 2021 8.5"x11"
Mermaid sketch 2022 8.5"x11"
New Olympians sketches 2024 8.5"x11"


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Image Title Year Size
Brando 2015
Netflix Submission 2016


Image Title Year Size
Wii U goalie drawing 2014
Wii U Stanley Cup drawing 2016
Digital doodles 2023 2023
Doris Deer 2024
Bond Girls - Clark 2024
Soccer Player and it's alternate version 2024
The Commuter 2024

Mixed media (traditional)[]

Image Title Year Media Size
5 Minute Hockey Player 2006 Charcoal and pastels on paper 18"x24"
Disney Princesses 2011 Ink and acrylic paint on plywood 4' x 4'
Mickey and Minnie 2020 Ink and acrylic paint on stretched canvas 11"x14"
Birthday card (December 2020) 2020 Colored pencil and ink on paper
Dumbo 2020 Ink and acrylic paint on stretched canvas 11"x14"
Uncle and Nephew artwork 2022 Pencil and markers on paper 8.5"x11"
Goku 2022 Colored pencil and ink on paper 8"x10"

Mixed media (digital)[]

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