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This is a list of drawings by W. Scott Pattullo. Drawings are categorized by medium.


Image Title Year Size
Spider-Man and Mary Jane pencil sketches 2013
Hair Color 2014 11"x14"
Conduit 2014 11"x14"
The 29th 2016
Take On Me 2016
Guitar Practice 2019 9"x12"


Image Title Year Size
In-Class 2005 18"x24"
Andrew - Skull 2005 18"x24"
Betty's Mother 2011 20"x26"
Alexandra 2013 11"x14"
For Sally 2013 18"x20"
The Man with the Hat 2014 16"x20"
Wedding Guests 2014 8"x10"
Feline Friend 2014 11"x14"
Looking Back 2015 12"x18"
Early Morning Stretch 2015 18"x24"
Bogie and Bacall 2016 18"x24"
Little Girl 2017 9"x12"
Marta the Legend 2017 9"x12"
A Boy and His Dog 2018 18"x24"
Toy Phone 2019 18"x24"


Image Title Year Size
Brando 2015
Netflix Submission 2016


Image Title Year Size
Wii U goalie drawing 2014
Wii U Stanley Cup drawing 2016

Mixed media (traditional)Edit

Image Title Year Media Size
5 Minute Hockey Player 2006 Charcoal and pastels on paper 18"x24"
Disney Princesses 2011 Ink and acrylic paint on plywood 4' x 4'
Mickey and Minnie 2020 Ink and acrylic paint on stretched canvas 11"x14"

Mixed media (digital)Edit

Main article: List of W. Scott Pattullo's mixed media artwork
Amory Wars

Amory Wars (2013)

There are too many mixed media pieces (traditional mixed with digital) to list here, so only one is shown. For the full list, see: List of W. Scott Pattullo's mixed media artwork.

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