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Welcome to the Digital Portal. Information regarding W. Scott Pattullo's digital artwork can be found here.

Digital art refers to a process of creating artwork by using computers and digital technology. Whether it's with a mouse or a digital drawing tablet, if it's created solely within a computer program, it's considered digital art. This does not include AI art. Scott creates all his work himself and refuses to use artificial intelligence technology to do it.

Digital tools[]

The digital tools Scott uses to create his digital work are listed below.

  • Corel Painter (drawing and painting software)
  • Paint Shop Pro (image editor)
  • Wacom tablet (tablet used to draw directly on the digital screen)

Selected image[]

Bond Girls - Clark

Bond Girls - Clark is an installment in Scott's Bond Girl series. It was the first entry in the series to be done entirely digitally. It was completed in February 2024 using a Wacom tablet in Corel Painter. This fan art drawing depicts the "Bond Girl" character from the James Bond 007: For King and Country comic book mini-series published by Dynamite. Scott also posted it to his DeviantArt page.

Other forms of digital artwork[]

Along with drawing on a digital tablet, photo manipulations can be considered digital work. Scott has also combined traditional work with digital media. Below are some examples.

Photo manipulation:
Mixed media (traditional/digital):

Lists of digital artwork[]

Below are the lists of artwork that include digital work.


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