Pandolfo Taproot
Appears in Star Wars...007 Style series
First appearance Dr. Noah
Gender Male
Species Nosaurian
Year created 2006

Pandolfo Taproot is a fictional character created by W. Scott Pattullo that appears in his Star Wars fanfiction series Star Wars...007 Style. He is a male Nosaurian warrior who works for MI5 and is one of the agency's best hackers.

Short BiographyEdit

While living happily on New Plympto, Pandolfo was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 47 BBY. Using his skills, he managed to escape his "owner" and merge into Coruscant society, eventually joining MI5.

He was part of the team that captured Dr. Noah, and he single-handedly rescued the survivors of a crashed ship on Hoth. Soon after, he was involved in the defeat of Jordo Drax and his plans to destroy the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The following year, he was involved with the investigation of the murders surrounding the sport of limmie. Three years after that, he was involved in recapturing prison escapees. Soon after, he assisted in putting an end to the criminal organization SMERSH, but lost his life in the battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character Pandolfo Taproot was named after Jay Pandolfo, an American pro hockey player from the National Hockey League.


Star Wars Fanon WikiEdit

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