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On Her Majesty's
Security Service
On Her Majestys Security Service poster.jpg
Poster (by W. Scott Pattullo)
Author W. Scott Pattullo
and various others
Publisher TheForce.net
Release date May 25, 2005
Media type Text-based roleplay
Series Star Wars...007 Style
In-universe year 42 BBY
Preceded by From Ryloth With Love
Followed by CarbonEye

On Her Majesty's Security Service is Star Wars fanfiction written by W. Scott Pattullo and various other authors. It was the second story in his Star Wars...007 Style series. It was a text-based on-line roleplaying game started by Scott on TheForce.net's Roleplaying Forum. The game ran from May 25, 2005 through September 22, 2005.


Queen Teresaa of Naboo has been a long-time supporter of MI5. She applauds their efforts to keep the galaxy safe. One of the Queen's protectors recently stumbled across information that may lead to a possible assassination attempt on Teresaa's life. Most of the details are unknown. The Queen has asked MI5 to aid her Security Service in defending against this awful threat.

The Story[]

On Her Majesty's Security Service was played in TheForce.net's Roleplaying Forum, but an article for it exists on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. For more details regarding the story, see the main article over on that wiki: On Her Majesty's Security Service


This roleplaying game was a sequel to the first (From Ryloth With Love). The number of posts in the game was 1453. Scott asked the players if they were interested in playing a sequel. They all liked the idea so he created it.


The in-universe events of On Her Majesty's Security Service take place in 42 BBY, 10 years before the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.