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Note: This article is about a subject W. Scott Pattullo didn't create and has no affiliation with.

Company logo
Founded September 23, 1889
Founder(s) Fusajiro Yamauchi
Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
Website Nintendo.com

Nintendo is an Japanese consumer electronics company originally founded on September 23, 1889 when it manufactured playing cards. It wasn't until nearly 90 years later when the company focused on electronics and video games. Today Nintendo is one of the major video game companies in the industry.

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W. Scott Pattullo is in no way associated with Nintendo nor it's subsidiaries. But Nintendo's properties have played a major role in influencing Scott and his work, so an article for it exists here on this wiki.

Scott has also used the Wii U and it's gamepad to create digital artwork.

Scott's work[]

Listed below is some of Scott's work on this wiki that ties into Nintendo's properties. Also see: List of W. Scott Pattullo's Nintendo fan art and Category:Nintendo fan art

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