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My trip to Bodega Bay...
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date November 2017
Media Photo manipulation

My trip to Bodega Bay... is a 2017 digital photo manipulation by W. Scott Pattullo.


Scott's father Will Pattullo took the original picture of Scott running from the building on August 15, 2017. A few months later, Scott used the photo and completed the digital manipulation on November 1. It was uploaded to his DeviantART page the same day.

Subject and title[]

The birds in the piece were taken from images found in a Google image search. The finished piece acts as sort of a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock and his film The Birds, which took place, and was filmed in, Bodega Bay, California.


The piece is a photo manipulation, merging two or more images together using an image-editing program, in this case, Paint Shop Pro.

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