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This article is about the short film. You may be looking for the superhero team.

Missouri Avengers
Opening title
Directed by W. Scott Pattullo
Written by W. Scott Pattullo
Animated by W. Scott Pattullo
Voice actors - Andrew Pattullo
- Sarah Bolla
- W. Scott Pattullo
- Isaac Winset
- Brittany Leon Reyes
- Will Pattullo
- Donna Pattullo
Release date August 22, 2019
Run time 8:50

Missouri Avengers is an animated short film by W. Scott Pattullo. It was released on August 22, 2019 and runs for 8 minutes and 50 seconds. It is available to view on his YouTube channel.


A superhero named Big Bad Bowen meets other heroes and villains throughout his crimefighting career and eventually forms a team of superheroes. The story is meant to be a superhero parody.


In begins in the 1980's when a young Steve Bowen is pretending to be a superhero. And even though his parents discouraged it, Steve grew up to be a superhero anyway. He even rescued cats from trees. He called himself Big Bad Bowen.

But one day in 2009, Steve finally got a date with someone he met online. He was so excited that he had to blow off some energy and fight crime before the date. While jumping from rooftop to rooftop in St. Louis, Big Bad Bowen's sidekick, Scotty P, found a crime nearby that he could thwart. Dr. Villainous was attempting to rob a jewelry store.

Before the fight, Hair Girl arrived on the scene, intending to do the same thing. So Big Bad Bowen and Hair Girl fight side-by-side in order to stop Dr. Villainous and his goons. Afterward, they part ways.

Later that night, the girl Steve was dating turned out to be Hair Girl. And soon after, they were married, thus forming the superhero team Missouri Avengers.




Development and production[]

When Scott's friend Steve Bowen got married in 2009, he asked Scott to draw a comic as if he and his new wife were superheroes. Scott did so, eventually getting the idea to turn the comic into an animated cartoon.

Scott worked on the animation on-and-off in the coming years and eventually completed it in the summer of 2019.

A few clips from the short film currently appear in Scott's demo reel. A couple screenshots from the film were used for the Custom puzzle in 2023.


To create the short film, Scott used the traditional animation program DigiCel FlipBook, the image-editing program Paint Shop Pro, the video-editing programs Adobe After Effects and Ulead VideoStudio, and the audio-editing program Audacity.

Production Babies[]

The "production babies" were those babies born to the people that worked on the film (including the voice cast, in this case) during production.

Baby Parent
Lincoln Andrew Pattullo
Olivia Steve Bowen
Thea Brittany Leon Reyes
Emery Andrew Pattullo
Franklin Steve Bowen
Felicity Brittany Leon Reyes


Scott added copyrighted music to his animation only for fun and to work on his editing and film-making skills. The music clips used are listed below.

  • I Love Being a Turtle by Klaus Badelt - TMNT original score - Copyright 2007 Atlantic Records
  • End Credits by Joseph LoDuca - The Librarian: Quest for the Spear soundtrack - Copyright 2004 La-La Land Records
  • Hello MOTO - Motorola ringtone
  • California Girls by The Beach Boys - Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) - Copyright 1965 Capitol Records
  • Brick House by The Commodores - Commodores - Copyright 1977 Motown
  • Batman Theme by Neal Hefti and Nelson Riddle - Batman (1966) - Copyright 1966 RCA Victor
  • Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson - Bad - Copyright 1987 Epic Records
  • White & Nerdy by "Weird Al" Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood - Copyright 2006 Volcano Entertainment


The short film was published to Scott's YouTube Channel on August 22, 2019.



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