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James Bond Gunbarrel
Still shot from the animation
Directed by W. Scott Pattullo
Written by W. Scott Pattullo
Animated by W. Scott Pattullo
Release date 2007
Run time 22 seconds

James Bond Gunbarrel is an animated clip W. Scott Pattullo did in 2007 and runs for 22 seconds.


The clip was meant to emulate the gunbarrel opening of the James Bond films. James Bond enters the shot in the center of the gunbarrel design and fires a shot at the viewer, then blood drips down the screen.



Scott used copyrighted music in this animation.

  • "On the Beach" - David Arnold - Die Another Day soundtrack


The animation was done originally for the opening of a James Bond fan film Scott had planned. The project was abandoned because he felt it was much too large of a project to take on himself.

The full-color animated gunbarrel clip can currently be seen on Scott's website.


The animation was completely hand-drawn and DigiCel FlipBook was used to animate it.

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