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Ice Station
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date June 2024
Media Ink on paper, digital work

Ice Station is 2024 fan art by W. Scott Pattullo.


Scott completed the piece on June 25, 2024. The next day he posted it to his DeviantART page. The initial pencil sketch was posted to his Patreon July 15.

Subject and title[]

This is an entry in the "Contest 78 - Books into Movies" contest at the Disney-Club at DeviantART. The purpose of the contest was to create a movie poster depicting a book as if Disney had made it into a movie. Following is the description Scott listed on the artwork's DeviantART page:

First of all, I know there are guns in this drawing. But Disney animation is no stranger to guns, violence and explosions (Atlantis: Lost Empire, Pocahontas, Mulan, to name a few). It would just have to be toned down a bit when adapted for animation. But, Disney and Pixar movies used to be rated G. Now they're rated PG. What if, in the future, they decide to make a PG-13 animated film?

Matthew Reilly's novel Ice Station is a crazy action-packed adventure from start to finish. Literally. It could easily be made into an action film. As I wrote in the image, there's a distress signal that leads everyone to believe there's something hidden deep under the ice beneath the research station. But they're not exactly sure what. So rival nations send strike teams to the station in Antarctica to be the first to claim it...just in case.

The story follows the team of US Marines, led by Shane Schofield, codename: Scarecrow. He's the main dude I drew in the picture. The girl, Elizabeth Gant, codename: Fox, is one of the main members of the team and sort of a love interest for Scarecrow. Those other three figures in the corner are supposed to represent a few more members of the team. The Marines have to battle rival nations' military teams, wild animals, the frigid temperature, and a research scientist that's gone crazy. And they have no idea what they'll find deep under the ice.

Other things in the drawing: I've designed the research station (at least the part above the ice surface), the killer whale is one of the wild animals the characters encounter, there's also an exciting hovercraft chase across the ice which I've depicted (with an explosion behind it), and then I added a diving bell in the bottom left. That's a capsule-type of device used to transport the researchers and scientists deep under the freezing water where they wouldn't normally be able to reach.

(As a side note: the guns I drew are based on the design of the MP5, which is one of the guns that are used in the book. I also used the color blue (a cool color) to sort of emphasize the frigid climate of Antarctica).


Scott started out with a pencil sketch, then inked the final line work. He then scanned the drawing and added digital work.

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