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Gruu Funkistann
Appears in Star Wars...007 Style series
First appearance From Ryloth With Love
Gender Male
Species Gungan
Year created 2005

Gruu Funkistann is a fictional character created by W. Scott Pattullo that appears in his Star Wars fanfiction series Star Wars...007 Style. He is a male Gungan Jedi Knight working for MI5. Though he speaks like a Gungan, he has incredible intelligence for his species.

Short Biography[]

Jedi Master Mathis discovered the young Gruu was Force-sensitive during a mission on Naboo in 65 BBY. Gruu was soon taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained. Mathis raised Gruu as if he was his own son, and eventually took Gruu on as his Padawan. Training for many years, Gruu finally reached the rank of Jedi Knight. With the Jedi Council's permission, Gruu joined MI5 to help the rest of the people of the galaxy.

Gruu was involved in numerous MI5 missions in the following years. He helped stop The Baron's drug trafficking and Urma Boont's assassination plot. He also assisted in the defeat of CarbonEye and the capture of Dr. Noah. A couple years later, Gruu was part of the team that defeated Jordo Drax and his plans to destroy the InterGalactic Banking Clan. A year later, Gruu helped defeat the Sisterhood of the Sith and took a break from MI5 for a few years to train a Padawan named Acura.

Upon returning to the agency, he was involved in recapturing prison escapees. Soon after, he assisted in putting an end to the criminal organization SMERSH.

Behind the scenes[]

Scott refers to Gruu as the "Gungan Jedi". Gruu was originally created for the first MI5 story From Ryloth With Love back in 2005 and he still uses the character in his fanfics today.


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