Gargified posters
Garg with the Wind, the 8th in the series
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date 2015-present
Media Ink on paper, digital work
Installments 16

Gargified posters is a series of mixed media fan art W. Scott Pattullo started in 2015. It is a series of different famous movie posters that are "garg-ified", meaning Scott has turned them into a Disney's Gargoyles spoof poster. Currently there are 16 installments in the series.


The first one Scott completed was Honey, I Shrunk the Gargs in October 2016. After completing a few more, he realized he could also add Poster Parody: Die Another Day that he did for a DeviantART project over a year and a half earlier, since it was essentially a garg-ified poster. So having retconned Die Another Day into the series, it officially started in February 2015.

Subject and titleEdit

The entire series of images depicts Gargoyles spoofs of numerous movie posters.


All the images in the series are mixed media: ink on paper with digital work.

Installments in the seriesEdit

  1. Poster Parody: Die Another Day
  2. Honey, I Shrunk the Gargs
  3. Gargpool
  4. Gargface
  5. Nessie
  6. Attack of the 50 ft. Changeling
  7. Forbidden Planet
  8. Garg with the Wind
  9. Split
  10. Guardians of the Eggs
  11. Fifty Shades of Garg
  12. The Angry Gargs Movie
  13. Gargoyle Park
  14. Steel Clan 11
  15. Gargoyles - Attack of the Clones
  16. No Time to Die

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