This article is about the evil villain. For other uses, see Dialogue exercise.

Dialogue exercise
Still shot from the animation
Directed by W. Scott Pattullo
Written by W. Scott Pattullo
Animated by W. Scott Pattullo
Release date 2007
Run time 15 seconds

Dialogue exercise is an animated clip W. Scott Pattullo did in 2007 and runs for 15 seconds.


An evil villain is laying out his plans for domination.


The dialogue for the animation was an audio clip taken from the James Bond film A View to a Kill. It's a clip of Zoran (Christopher Walken) talking about his villainous plans.



The animation was done as a class assignment at the Academy of Art University and was completed in 2007.

It can currently be seen in Scott's demo reel.


The animation was completed using the 3D program Autodesk Maya.

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