This article is about the comic cover designs series. You may be looking for the movie poster designs: Chrono Trigger Part I, II and III.

Chrono Trigger series
Chrono Trigger #1, the first in the series
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date 2015-2019
Media Ink on paper, digital work
Installments 60

Chrono Trigger series is a series of mixed media fan art W. Scott Pattullo started in 2015 and ended in 2019. It is based on the old Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger. There are 60 installments in the series.


What if the classic RPG Chrono Trigger was published in comic book form? Scott thought it would be fun to draw a series of comic covers as if that had happened...covers depicting the events in the game's story.

The first one was completed on January 14, 2015. The final one was completed on December 7, 2019.

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The entire series of images depicts cartoony versions of the characters in certain scenes in the video game's story, but designed to look like a comic book cover.


All the images in the series are mixed media: ink on paper with digital work.

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