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This article is about the video game. For other uses, see Chrono Trigger (disambiguation).

Note: This article is about a subject W. Scott Pattullo didn't create and has no affiliation with.

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger box art
Created 1995
Creator(s) SquareSoft
Website Chrono Trigger - Square Enix

Chrono Trigger is a video game developed and published by SquareSoft for the Super Nintendo console in 1995. It is a role-playing game released in North America on August 11, 1995.

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W. Scott Pattullo is in no way associated with the time travel video game Chrono Trigger nor Square Enix. Chrono Trigger is a Square Enix-owned property. But Chrono Trigger plays a role in influencing Scott's work, so an article for it exists here on this wiki. It's also one of Scott's all-time favorite video games.

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