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Bond Girls -
Cadence Birdwhistle
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date January 2017
Media Ink on paper, digital work
Series Bond Girl series

Bond Girls - Cadence Birdwhistle is fan art by W. Scott Pattullo in 2017. It is one in a series of images he referred to as the Bond Girl series.


Scott completed the piece on January 26, 2017. It was also uploaded to his DeviantART page the same day.

Subject and title[]

The character depicted in the piece is Cadence Birdwhistle from the James Bond comic book series published by Dynamite, in the story arc entitled "Eidolon" in 2016.


Scott started out with a pencil sketch, then inked the final line work. He then scanned the drawing and colored it and inserted the text digitally in Paint Shop Pro.

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