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Bond Girl series
Photographer (Dr. No), the first in the series
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date 2013-present
Media Ink on paper, digital coloring
Installments 51

Bond Girl series is a series of mixed media James Bond fan art W. Scott Pattullo started in 2013. Currently there are 51 images in the series, all of which portray a cartoony version of the Bond Girls from the films, video games and comics.


Scott originally wanted to draw the four Bond Girls from the film Dr. No in one image and have the text (that reads "Dr. No") behind them but he didn't like how it looked, so he decided to draw each girl individually instead. To make the images more interesting, he added a quote from the character as well.

The first one was completed on October 1, 2013 (Photographer).

Subject and title[]

The entire series of images depicts cartoony versions of the Bond Girls from the films, video games and comics.


All the images in the series are mixed media: ink on paper with digital work.

Installments in the series[]

Casino Royale

Serpent's Tooth

A Silent Armageddon




Black Box

Kill Chain


Agent of Spectre


Installment #'s Titles Year art was completed
1-4 Dr. No (film) 2013
5-6 From Russia with Love (film) 2014
7-9 Agent Under Fire (game) 2015
10-12 Nightfire (game) 2015
13-15 Goldfinger (film) 2016
16 Vargr (comic) 2016
17-20 Thunderball (film) 2016
21-23 Everything or Nothing (game) 2016
24 Eidolon (comic) 2017
25 Hammerhead (comic) 2017
26-29 You Only Live Twice (film) 2017
30 Black Box (comic) 2017
31-33 Kill Chain (comic) 2018
34 A Silent Armageddon (comic) 2018
35-37 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (film) 2018
38-40 Diamonds Are Forever (film) 2018
41 Izabel (comic) 2019
42-43 Serpent's Tooth (comic) 2019
44-45 Live and Let Die (film) 2020
46 Blood Stone (game) 2020
47-48 The Man with the Golden Gun (film) 2021
49 Agent of Spectre (comic) 2021
50 Casino Royale (unofficial film) 2022
51 Himeros (comic) 2022

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