Bond Girl series
Photographer (Dr. No), the first in the series
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date 2013-present
Media Ink on paper, digital coloring
Installments 43

Bond Girl series is a series of mixed media James Bond fan art W. Scott Pattullo started in 2013. Currently there are 43 images in the series, all of which portray a cartoony version of the Bond Girls from the films, video games and comics.


Scott originally wanted to draw the four Bond Girls from the film Dr. No in one image and have the text (that reads "Dr. No") behind them but he didn't like how it looked, so he decided to draw each girl individually instead. To make the images more interesting, he added a quote from the character as well.

The first one was completed on October 1, 2013 (Photographer).

Subject and titleEdit

The entire series of images depicts cartoony versions of the Bond Girls from the films, video games and comics.


All the images in the series are mixed media: ink on paper with digital work.

Installments in the seriesEdit

  1. Photographer
  2. Honey Ryder
  3. Sylvia Trench (Dr. No)
  4. Miss Taro
  5. Tatiana Romanova
  6. Sylvia Trench (From Russia With Love)
  7. Zoe Nightshade (Agent Under Fire) (video game)
  8. Adrian Malprave (video game)
  9. Bella & Bebe: The Twins (video game)
  10. Dominique Paradis (video game)
  11. Zoe Nightshade (Nightfire) (video game)
  12. Alura McCall (video game)
  13. Pussy Galore
  14. Jill Masterson
  15. Mei-Lei
  16. Dharma Reach (comic)
  17. Madame LaPorte
  18. Patricia Fearing
  19. Fiona Volpe
  20. Domino Derval
  21. Katya Nadanova (video game)
  22. Mya Starling (video game)
  23. Serena St. Germaine (video game)
  24. Cadence Birdwhistle (comic)
  25. Victoria Hunt (comic)
  26. Ling (Chinese Girl)
  27. Aki
  28. Helga Brandt
  29. Kissy Suzuki
  30. Selah Sax (comic)
  31. Rika Van De Havik (comic)
  32. "Unidentified Girl" (comic)
  33. Chantal Chevalier (comic)
  34. Jessica Penrose (comic)
  35. Tracy di Vicenzo
  36. Ruby Bartlett
  37. Nancy
  38. Marie
  39. Plenty O'Toole
  40. Tiffany Case
  41. Izabel (comic)
  42. Martika Pavna (comic)
  43. Sunny Vasquez (comic)

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