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Armstrong Woods series
Armstrong Woods 6, the last in the series
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date October 2015
Media Photography
Installments 6

The Armstrong Woods series is a series of photography photos taken in October 2015 by W. Scott Pattullo. There are 6 photos in the series.


Scott took the photos with a smartphone on October 14, 2015. They were uploaded to his DeviantART page a week later (October 21).

Subject and title[]

The pictures were taken in Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve in California, USA.


Scott used a smartphone to take the pictures.

Installments in the series[]

  1. Armstrong Woods 1
  2. Armstrong Woods 2
  3. Armstrong Woods 3
  4. Armstrong Woods 4
  5. Armstrong Woods 5
  6. Armstrong Woods 6

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